Dr. Carrie Buchanan
Tim Russert Department of Communication and Theatre Arts
John Carroll University

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Most of the news and feature stories I did in my 15-year career are the property of the newspapers I worked for and cannot be reprinted here. However, a few freelance pieces are mine to post or link to online. 


Buchanan, C.  (2004, October). Book Review: Feminism in the courtroom. University Affairs.



Buchanan, C. (2004, Spring) The “great experiment”. Media, 10(3), 18-19

Available online at 



Buchanan, C. (1988) Garbage blues. Canadian Geographic Magazine. February/March, 30-39.



(all reprinted on this website)


Buchanan, C. "Stage set for water usage dispute", Ottawa Citizen, Oct. 8, 2001: C3 

See Water dispute

Buchanan C. “Attacking asthma: Air pollution creates and kills more asthmatics every year. Now parents are fighting back,” Ottawa Citizen, Nov. 17, 1998, G1

See Attacking asthma

Buchanan, C. "Staging the house."  Ottawa Citizen, May 6, 2006: H1

See Staging the house 


These articles were derived from my master’s thesis research:

Buchanan, C. (1988) "How Europe Puts out the Trash", "Sweden puts waste to work", "Holland: Among world's best recyclers", and "Austria: Green Bin movement grows". Ottawa Citizen. Oct. 2, 1988: D8.


There were more than 1,500 of my bylined articles in the Ottawa Citizen over 12 years. These are available through the FP Infomart database, which is expensive to use unless you have university access. Because these are the property of the company that owned the newspaper, I cannot reprint or link to most of them here.